Math.NET Numerics 2.3 リリース

C#用のオープンソース数学計算ライブラリ「Math.NET Numerics」の2.3がリリースされました。このごろ工学系のプログラムをいじってなかったので確認が遅れましたが、いつの間にかベータ版から正式版になったようです。個人的に一番大きな変更点はやはりWindows Phone 8とWindows Store appsのサポートだと思います。


Portable Library Build:

  • Adds support for WP8 (.Net 4.0 and higher, SL5, WP8 and .NET for Windows Store apps)
  • New: portable build also for F# extensions (.Net 4.5, SL5 and .NET for Windows Store apps)
  • NuGet: portable builds are now included in the main packages, no more need for special portable packages

Linear Algebra:

  • Continued major storage rework, in this release focusing on vectors (previous release was on matrices)
  • Thin QR decomposition (in addition to existing full QR)
  • Static CreateRandom for all dense matrix and vector types
  • F#: slicing support for matrices and vectors

Random and Probability Distributions:

  • Consistent static Sample methods for all continuous and discrete distributions (was previously missing on a few)
  • F#: better usability for random numbers and distributions.


  • F# extensions are now using F# 3.0
  • Updated Intel MKL references for our native linear algebra providers
  • 様々なバグの修正、性能と便利性向上



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